Southfork Bed and Breakfast - Delux lodging accomodations and Guest stables in Cody, Wyoming (307) 587-8311
Map and Directions

Directions to the Southfork Bed and Breakfast from Cody

  1. All roads leading into Cody will arrive at Cody’s main street, Sheridan Avenue. The historic downtown area is about 5 blocks in length and runs East and West.
  2. Drive Westbound on Sheridan Avenue though the downtown area, you will pass the Buffalo Bill Historical Center on the right as the road bends 90 degrees. The road will bend back as you continue and there will be motels on both sides of the road. Just ahead on the right you will see Wal Mart and you’ll want to get into the left hand lane in preparation to turn left onto the Southfork highway (WY#291) 1,000 feet beyond Wal Mart.
  3. Once on the Southfork highway you will drive exactly 7.9 miles, follow the natural curves in the road. We will be on the right, our house number (797) will be visible at the driveway. Watch for the pine trees and massive log gate.
  4. Should you have problems you can call us at 307-587-8311 and we will help you will directions or come and get you.

Hand Drawen map to Southfork Bed and Breakfast

Large map to Southfork Bed and Breakfast
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