A Spa Resort With a Difference

Legend tells of a place where water flowed freely in an otherwise barren desert from a spring fed by ancient underground lakes. The trees were alive with birds, and gazelles lounged beneath them to escape the midday sun. Occasionally the elusive Arabian leopard was glimpsed in the distance and herds of Oryx congregated at its pool.

Legend continues, telling how the selfishness of man resulted in Al Maha being consumed by sand and over the generations many were lost trying to find the legendary oasis, until one young man found his falcon perched upon a slender branch sprouting small green leaves. Knowing this sign of life as a sign of water, he returned with his brothers. After removing the rock blocking the spring, the brothers watched in awe as the water began to wash the sands away, revealing the ancient walls of the camp. Al Maha was reborn.Our website provides info on  spa resort

Now this glorious oasis is the site of the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, a haven away from stifling cities and crowded beaches. A handful of suites, each with their own pool, are scattered around the resort with panoramic views over the desert dunes. All of the water used is returned to the lakes through a unique irrigation system so you can relax in their spa or in your pool safe in the knowledge that you are not wasting this most precious of resources.

Each room comes with its own personal staff, including a housekeeper, and dinner can be served on your private veranda (prepared by your personal chef), in the dining hall or out on the dunes.

A sanctuary amid the sands, the spa will pamper you until your skin glows and you feel relaxed and renewed. Timeless treatments made from Arabic dates and frankincense will wrap you in a cocoon of comfort as you gaze out over views of the surrounding desert and mountains.

Guests are entitled to two complimentary activities per day during their stay. Falconry, camel treks, horse riding and archery are some of the most popular, while the more adrenalin fuelled can take to the dunes on a rugged 4×4 adventure. Guided nature walks can be an eye opening experience, and a great sense of achievement can be found naming the animals as they wander past the resort.